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Oz Wednesday – Sydney


Each week I’m holding my new feature – Oz Wednesday (some might notice it’s a take on the title of a particular fruit named phone company and their 241 deal at the cinemas!).

Every month will change to a different city in Australia (some of which I haven’t visited, but I’ll work my way round that!), and for 3 weeks of each month I’ll choose my favourite parts of the city, and try my best to sell it to any backpacker/tourist that happens to pass through!

For the whole month of February I’m covering the city of Sydney… an infamous city that’s even more popular than the real capital of Australia!

So far I’ve covered how to view the city from a great height… Climbing the steps of the Towers of Sydney Harbour Bridge for a much cheaper version of the ever popular Bridge Climb. And last week I shared my visit to Manly, for a much needed escape from the city over the Harbour.

This week why not hang out in the animal kingdom slap bang in the middle of the city?!

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