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Scratch & Grin…!!


The moment arises when; armed with your coin, you scratch off the silver foil on this tiny card in anticipation of whether 3 matching values will appear underneath. The 3 numbers that could buy you anything from another £1 card, to a bottle of wine, to a Dine In meal from Markies… or perhaps two!

And that’s exactly what I did yesterday morning as my memory – like myself – woke up to remember I received a scratch card along with a wee box of chocs from one of my lovely colleagues from work for Xmas!

Before heading out to attempt to scrape the frost of the car windscreen, I sat down and rubbed away the foil… row by row.

Only to discover… I did in fact have 3 matching values… 3 matching £20.00 ‘s to be exact.

Get In!!! 😀


Grin Of The Week… Once More!


It must be a good week for me then!

Usually I’m partial a lot of grumpiness – my parents and boyfriend would agree to that!!

But so far with my new feature of Grins and Grumps of the week (albeit it’s only been running for a few days!) I appear to be having much more smiles across my face than a sour one!

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Grin Of The Week.. :)


I’ll start my Grin Of The Week with a moment of reminiscing…

On the ever knowledgable Facebook, the amount of friends I’ve added since travelling through Australia has mounted up. Theres a few people I often never find myself chatting to, but the odd bunch will always have a place in my memory…

It’s so handy seeing whats happening in your mates lives just by a quick scroll down the screen… which is where my memory was jogged and a smile came across my face 🙂

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Grumps/Grins Of The Week…


Not quite what you may have in mind…

I’ll breifly explain!

Every week (if my memory stays with me!) I’ll have a little ‘rant’ of the week.. aka “Grump Of The Week” it may be a small collection of rants that have built up through my week, or perhaps one major bug that been niggling away at me and is in great need of getting scratched at!

Hopefully I won’t cause any offence, but I’ll try to keep it at a low and not blow my top too much – which is easily done in this head of mine!

Also – just to keep things a happy medium, and not to make it look like I moan about every little thing, like most of the general British public love to do – I’ll have my “Grin Of The Week” which will be whats made me smile the most, or made me stop, think and realise this place ain’t so bad afterall 🙂

Stay tuned…!

Saving Memories…

No matter how long an event might be, you always want to cherish those little memories you never want to forget.
For myself, I wanted to savour every single moment of my trip across Australia. But with it being a year… I would have ALOT of memories to collect!
Which is why my creative side has come to light…