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Save Save Save!


I always think the fun of travelling starts even before you get on the plane.

I don’t know if this is just me, but I just LOVE saving money for travelling! It’s possibly the whole idea of the massive treats I’m gonna get at the end. I suppose in some ways it’s like a little girl saving up for the dress she wants for the big dance – for me it’s saving up for the experiences and sights I’ll catch across the world.

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Parking Mad…


It’s bad enough having to fork out stupid amounts of money for parking in city centres these days.

It’s a struggle in itself to even find parking in cities and towns, let alone finding the damned machine that wants all your hard earned money!!

I’m not moaning about the lack of parking today though, I understand parking spaces can’t just appear out of nowhere in a world of concrete. Today I’m having to rant about the aforementioned ticket machines… Those evil, evil ticket machines…


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Scratch & Grin…!!


The moment arises when; armed with your coin, you scratch off the silver foil on this tiny card in anticipation of whether 3 matching values will appear underneath. The 3 numbers that could buy you anything from another £1 card, to a bottle of wine, to a Dine In meal from Markies… or perhaps two!

And that’s exactly what I did yesterday morning as my memory – like myself – woke up to remember I received a scratch card along with a wee box of chocs from one of my lovely colleagues from work for Xmas!

Before heading out to attempt to scrape the frost of the car windscreen, I sat down and rubbed away the foil… row by row.

Only to discover… I did in fact have 3 matching values… 3 matching £20.00 ‘s to be exact.

Get In!!! 😀

Let The Xmas Shopping Commence!!


Yes, it’s that time of year again. Some of us love it, some of us hate it, but by the time those doors close on Christmas Eve around tea time… or if your’e lucky – 10pm – we all have to do that inevitable trek to purchase the presents for our loved ones!

Let the stress commence!!

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The Final Week : 6 Days To Go…


Today I have my 6th memory of Byron to share with you guys .

Each day for my final week in Byron Bay, before I head up to East Coast, I’m thinking of all the random stuff I’ve been up to during my days (and nights!) in this beautiful town…

Skinny Dipping was the thought of the day yesterday… today unfortunately the topic of conversation is still on the subject of nudity!!

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