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The Lessons We Learn


Well it’s true what they say, life can throw you some challenging moments at you from time to time. Back in 2009 my boyfriend at the time finished us and it left me wondering what to do next…

Fast forward exactly 3 years from there and history is repeating itself once again. My future plans with my other half were stripped away from me when we decided to call it a day on our relationship.

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Headaches… Why??!!


Yesterday, during my usuall shift at work… and with it being busy with the first Dine In weekend of the year… my head decided to throb like never before! It was horrible!!

Thinking all I needed was a drink, I got my break and promptly poured myself plenty water… to no avail.


After my break, I felt I’d wait for the food to digest to see if my brain was merely hungry… nope, not that either!

But as I’m leaving the canteen, sighing in pain over this pounder of a headache… what do I do?

Oh yeah… I thump my fat head on the slopped ceiling of the canteen!!

Bloody typical!!!