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Gale Force Madness


On May 23rd 2010, gale force winds were forecast to hit parts of the UK. Mainly in and around Scotland, covering the entire country and resulting in delayed or cancelled flights, electricity cut off to thousands of homes, and unfortunately the death of a handful of people due to the falling of trees.

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Through My Eyes…


Every so often – whether it’ll be once a week or perhaps every other day – (I’m not really going to set a time schedule for it!) I’m going to update an image to share with you guys.

It may be a photo that sums up my week, or seizing a moment that makes me smile.

Or I might even upload a photo that captures a memory that has come to me out of the blue. And I just really want to talk about it!

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Saving Memories…

No matter how long an event might be, you always want to cherish those little memories you never want to forget.
For myself, I wanted to savour every single moment of my trip across Australia. But with it being a year… I would have ALOT of memories to collect!
Which is why my creative side has come to light…