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Two Years Ago…


I can’t quite believe it.

Two years ago to this very day I was climbing upon a plane at around 5pm tonight ready to start my year in Australia.

I had been counting down to this very point for exactly 247 days since I booked the ticket with Air Asia. I couldn’t be more excited! I was nervous, apprehensive, petrified all at once. The counting down seemed to last a lifetime, yet here I was taking those last few steps on the plane that would take me away from home for 366 days.

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United As One


It’s still as fresh to my memory as if it had happened yesterday.

Exactly 10 years ago I was 14 years old, and the only memory I can recall at this age is the day that would forever be titled “9/11”.

Ask me now what I had for dinner a week ago and I’d struggle to find my memory.

I’m now 24 – a whole 10 years on – and the image I saw repeatedly on the national news is as fresh as it always will be.

The images I recalled over and over again on numerous news channels will forever be within my mind, and without a doubt – it forever sticks in my mind as the moment that changed the world.

The moment the world came to a standstill.

The moment our nations came together to form as One.

The moment we All knew our world would be a different place.

And a place that formed a difference.

A difference in ourselves.

To come together.

As one.

We will always… unite.


The Essence Of Time


I’ve come to realise more than ever in these past few months that time is either at a standstill when I want it to be speeding up, or its flying by when I want to savour those precious hours.


I’ve found myself saying those dreaded words that the older I’m getting the faster these years are going past me. Even though I’ve been travelling and still intend to – it still feels like I’m standing still and the train of Time is speeding past without picking me up.

But I’ve especially noticed in the past few months or so how important time really is.

In matters of wishing my time away – since I stepped back onto UK soil after my year away in Australia – I’ve been looking ahead for my next journey. Wondering where and more importantly when it’ll begin, praying for the days to flow by so I can get on a plane again and explore just that little bit more.

When I arrived home back in October of 2010, the dread that filled me knowing I’d have to stay in the country for a year at least killed me! But when I looked back over my shoulder at my year in Australia, it made me realise… those 365 days will be gone in no time.

Even though I think about Australia every day, I still have to remind myself that I was actually there. Not because it felt like a dream come true – mostly for the fact it almost lasted the length of a dream I have while I’m asleep! One minute I’m trekking through the Outback, riding on camels, tasting wine in the Borossa Valley, the next minute I’m leaving Byron Bay for the final month of my trip squeezing in as much as possible before my visa (and money) run out!


Before I knew it – I had left the country I had fallen in love with after 12 months, and my boyfriend who I had spent 10 months of my trip with was now on the other side of the UK! So not only was I wishing the days away to go travelling again, I also had the added wait to see my boyfriend again… whenever that may be.

And this is when I realised how much I wanted time to slow down – the very little time me and the curly boy have together just isn’t enough! I find myself counting down the weeks till we’re together just so I can get in his arms – only for those few days to disappear in the blink of an eye. Suddenly I’m home again and wondering if I did get that hug!

I can’t make up my mind!

You may (or possibley not) of noticed that I havent blogged for the whole of August this year. Mainly due to the fact that I felt like having a break from writing, just chill and not think of something remotely interesting to blog about! I’m more of a quality over quantity girl 😉

And guess what? August FLEW past!

In two days it’ll be September, and so the descent into winter begins and the year will slowly come to its last days… or maybe it’ll go fast? Who knows! Time will come and go as it pleases after all.


In the next few months I’ll be purchasing my RTW ticket with the curly boy, and my countdown will officially begin for jumping on that plane. The countdown to Christmas will also be just round the corner and at some point before then we’ll all be dressing up on that eventful night and no doubt getting drunk with some spooky concoction of alcohol!

But in the meantime I may as well savour these moments; the countdowns, the saving, the Skype nights with the boy, the feeling that I’ll never get on the road again… cause at the end of those long long days I’ll soon be calling myself an OAP and the confusion of where that Time disappeared off to will hit me even more.

Time Flies…


When June 22nd of this year hits us… I’ll be doing a fair bit of celebrating. First up, it’ll be my 24th birthday… one step closer to the big 25 – eek! Secondly, I’ll be heading for Glastonbury Festival with my other half… who just so happens to live 500miles away! And also it’ll be exactly 250 days since I arrived home from my year out in Australia… yes, I did the calculations!

So, I figured it would be a good time to recollect all the happenings over the last 8 or so months, and see what the next 8 have to offer for this little Scottish girl as I plan to hit the road all over again.

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Time Flies… A Little Too Fast!!


Wooo hold it!!

Two seconds ago I was looking forward to Xmas coming… the awesome food, the pressies, being with the family…

And now it’s already 2011 and normality has slapped me in the face before I can even see it coming!!

But considering how fast the past couple of weeks have flown, sometimes you don’t have enough time in the world!!

Read on and you’ll discover how quick this particular day hit me!

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