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First up… Major Update!


Yup… the blogging has yet come to a stand still!

But if you have all been following my curly boys blog then you will all be aware of my travels over the last month.

It’s been pretty a pretty eventful month to say the least! As I’ve been all over the joint… in so many words!

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Lazy Bum … That Is Me!


Well, here I go again giving you all a reason as to why I’m so behind on my blogs…

Well the main reason is due to the fact that getting internet time is often either tricky or pricey… in my case it’s the latter of the two!

I’ve had my most recent blog (All about the things I miss from home!) typed up and ready to throw on my web page for almost a week now, but getting round to actually buying internet time is always the hardest part!

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