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Snow Times :)


Yesterday I ventured out on the snowy roads of my village armed with my camera and took some lovely shots of the white stuff. It so beautiful with the clean crisp snow coating the land.

Never get bored of it 🙂

Click the image for a better view 🙂 x


Let It Snow!


Well.. as we all know.. the country has been hit by it’s first (I’m imagining first of many) batches of pure wintery weather this week.

There’s that crisp chill in the air, the hills and endless fields are layered by sheets of white and kids are scurrying around with big smiles on their faces!

Winter is finally here!! And you know what… I fucking love it.

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The Final Week : 5 Days To Go…


During the winter months in Byron Bay, the town is greeted with the sighting of some of the most amazing mammals and their wee babies :).  Hump Back Whales.

Ever since I heard the mummies and their new born babies, (not forgetting the daddies) were all moving north I was dying to see them!

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